It's Not My Time - Neferet

This particular set is all about the idea of how the story could wrap up into one final battle between Neferet and Zoey, what happened to the House of Night after Kolana was unleashed and possibly the regret/fear that Neferet might end up facing once she sees what she's done.

The idea of Neferet being played by Lena Olin was always something I rather liked, she has the ability to be both motherly and turn on her children in an instant. I toyed with the idea of Anna Paquin being the Marked or Betrayed version of Zoey, whereas Jennifer Garner was the more grown up and understanding of everything Zoey that we saw in Untamed and will hopefully see in Hunted and the other books.

Music: 'Not My Time' by 3 Doors Down

Created Using: Movie Maker

Featuring Clips from: Queen of the Damned, Darkness, Alias (Various Seasons), and X-men United.

Disclaimer: I own nothing of the video here, this was made purely for the fans by a fan. No profit is being claimed from this video. I apologize in the shift from wide screen ratios, clips were a little different. xD

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